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Ledsignbdltd.com presents a wide selection of outdoor advertising screens suitable for both residential and commercial needs. These captivating screens offer superior quality, providing an unparalleled viewing experience with vibrant picture quality and aesthetic appeal. Utilizing advanced technologies, these products exhibit clear patterns and have a long lifespan. Purchase these remarkable outdoor advertising screens from leading suppliers and wholesalers on our website at unbelievable prices and substantial discounts. Advertising LED Display Screen importer and Supplier company in Bangladesh.

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Our website offers outdoor advertising screens of optimal quality, constructed with durable materials that ensure longevity and consistent performance over time. These top-notch displays are not only durable but also sustainable, making them eco-friendly products suitable for various applications. The outdoor advertising screens available here are designed with customized LED modules for different home and commercial appliances, boasting elegant appearances. They are offered in various variations and screen ratios to ensure optimum picture quality.

Outdoor advertising screens, video wall modules, and channel importers in Bangladesh.

At Ledsignbdltd.com, we have a vast inventory of durable and efficient outdoor advertising screens that are worth every penny. These spectacular screens come in different sizes, colors, shapes, and screen patterns. And models, equipped with extraordinary features such as waterproof and heatproof capabilities. Additionally, they are energy-efficient devices that consume minimal electricity. The outdoor advertising screens you can acquire here are equipped with advanced LED chips. Delivering dazzling HD quality, it can be fully customized.

Best LED Video Wall Screen Price in Bangladesh 2024

LED Screen Pixel PitchPrice Per Square FootUsageExample Usage
P 2.51150৳Indoor FixedConference Room, Auditorium
P 3 Curved7700৳IndoorConference Room, Auditorium
P 38500৳Indoor Fixed & RentalConference Room, Auditorium, and Event Production
P 48200৳Indoor FixedConference Room, Auditorium
P 411,400৳Indoor Fixed & RentalConference Room, Auditorium, and Event Production
P 58500৳RentalEvent Production
P 55900৳OutdoorRoadside Billboard, Outdoor Advertising Board
Are you looking for LED Display from p1, p2, p3, p4, p5, p6, p7, p8, p8, p10 Module Price in Bangladesh 2024?

LED video wall screen prices in Bangladesh offered by LED SIGN BD: Advertising LED Display Screen

  1. NVS P4.8 Outdoor 90 Degree LED Wall, Refresh Rate: Greater Than 1920hz, Dimension: 576 X 576mm X 65mm: ৳80,000/-
  2. Full Color Fixed & Rental LED Screen Display, For Indoor and Outdoor: ৳60,000/-
  3. Rectangle Full Color Indoor LED Advertising Screen P1.5, P1.86, P2, P2.5, P3, P4-Any Size: ৳50,000/-
  4. Rectangle Fixed P8 Outdoor Advertising LED Display Screen, Wall Mounted/Fixed Type/Pole Mounted, Customized: ৳32,000/-
  5. Rectangle Fixed Outdoor LED Display, For Advertising, Fixed Rectangle Wall/Pole Mounted: ৳70,500/-
  6. Outdoor Advertising LED Display Screen, Square Matrix 10 mm Outdoor LED Display: ৳65,500/-
  7. Rectangle Full color P6 Outdoor LED Display, For Advertising And Promotion, Advertising and Promotion Full color Fixed Customized Display Screen Billboard: ৳45,500/-
  8. Advertising LED Display Screen/Window LED Display Screen/Digital Signage for Shop, Cafe, Restaurant, Hotel, Pub, Showroom, Shopping Mall, Full Color Wall Mount or Hanging Customized Indoor/Outdoor P2-P6: ৳55,500/-
  9. King Light Multi-Color P6 Outdoor LED Video Display, Shape: Square, Cost BDT: ৳35,500/-
  10. Wall Mounted High-Quality LED Panels Indoor Advertising LED Display Screen, Resolution: 10000, Indoor Rectangle, Wall Mounted LED Signboard price in Bangladesh.
  11. LED Video Wall, For Indoor Choose from award-winning premium indoor LED microtiles or budget-friendly Core Series II. Indoor LED applications: control rooms, hospitality, retail, entertainment, or corporate. LED Display Signboard price in BD: ৳75,500/-
  12. Fixed Rectangular LED Video Screen, For Outdoor. Price in BDT: ৳35,500/-

These prices reflect various options for indoor and outdoor LED display screens, catering to different needs and budgets.

Indoor 3D digital signage, Advertising LED Display Screen

Elevate your brand presence and make a lasting impact with state-of-the-art indoor 3D digital signage offered by LED SIGN BD LTD in Dhaka. These innovative displays incorporate cutting-edge technology to produce a mesmerizing 3D effect, ensuring that your message captures attention and stands out.

By featuring high-resolution images, captivating animations, and interactive elements, you can effectively engage your audience. Whether it’s for conferences, trade shows, or retail settings, indoor 3D digital signage guarantees a memorable experience that enhances brand recognition. Embrace the future of visual communication and make a lasting impression with our 3D digital signage solutions.

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