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About LED Sign BD Ltd.

Introducing LED Sign BD, an upgraded company in the digital lighting Bangladesh.LED Sign BD was established in 2005 LED Sign BD’s service is the best and most advanced operation in the Bangladesh of lighting. In business, office or advertising, there can be no upgrade option like lighting or LED display. You can do LED lighting or LED display to present your company in the most attractive way to the consumer. LED Sign BD is providing the most upgraded service in Bangladesh

Our Mission

Our main mission is to create and deliver quality and innovative printing for clients. To prioritize the best service according to the preferences and needs of the consumer.
Maintaining strict ethical standards in business activities and ensuring benefits to employees and society at large.


Our Vision

We at Led Sign BD are one of the mediums for the material and social well-being of business owners, employees and society at large. We provide the best customer service to maintain the reputation of the business. which lead to the increase of wealth through financial and moral gain as a part of the process of human civilization.