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LED Screen Panel

LED SIGN BD LTD is a prominent LED screen and panel importer and supplier in Bangladesh. Since 2006, we have been providing top-quality LED screens, catering to various pixel pitches, including P1, P2, P3, P4, P5, P6, P7, P8, P9, and P10. We serve clients across Dhaka and Chittagong, ensuring they receive the best LED display solutions. LED SIGN BD LTD is a prominent LED screen and panel importer and supplier in Bangladesh. LED Screen Panel Price: ৳150 per square foot in BD. Contact: +88 01984888877 +88 01924756970

LED Screen Panel price in Bangladesh
LED Screen Panel price in Bangladesh

Versatile LED Screen Panels, LED Screen Panel

P1.53 and P1.86 Hub 640x480mm LED Screens

Our popular P1.53 and P1.86 Hub 640x480mm LED screens are renowned for their high resolution and refresh rates. These fully front-service, slim aluminum screens are perfect for indoor use. The small pitch HD display offers superior quality with a 3840 Hz refresh rate, making it ideal for various applications.

Advanced Features

  • GOB Design: Our screens feature an optional GOB design, which enhances durability with anti-collision, anti-dust, and anti-water properties, upgrading the front IP grade to IP65.
  • Backup Options: Upgrade options for backup power and signal ensure uninterrupted performance.
  • Pixel Compatibility: Suitable for P1.25, P1.53, P1.86, P2, P2.5, and P3.076 pixels, these screens offer versatile display options.
  • Module and Cabinet Size: The module size is 320x160mm, and the cabinet size is 640x480x49mm, ensuring a compact and efficient setup.

Pricing Details, LED Screen Panel

  • P1.53 Hub Board Connected: 1/52 scanning, 3840 Hz, priced at 1489 USD/sqm with Nationstar+GOB, and 1236 USD/sqm with Kinglight+GOB.
  • P1.86 Hub Board Connected: 1/43 scanning, 3840hz, priced at 1196 USD/sqm with Nationstar+GOB, 850 USD/sqm with Kinglight, and 730 USD/sqm with Hongsheng/Ruisheng.

Wide Range of Applications

Our LED screens are designed for diverse applications, including:

  • Smart city installations
  • Educational conferences
  • Security emergency command centers
  • Radio and television broadcasting
  • Banking and finance sectors
  • Military aviation command centers
  • Monitoring centers
  • Conference rooms
  • Shopping malls
  • Chain stores
  • Home cinemas

Use our LED displays wherever you need high-quality visuals.

Key Advantages

  • Seamless Installation: Hard connection with the HUB board ensures quick and easy installation.
  • Perfect Screen Flatness: Enjoy flawless display quality with our LED screens.
  • Front Service Support: All maintenance can be performed from the front, saving space and time.
  • Integrated Plugin Connection: This feature doubles stability and reduces failure frequency, ensuring reliable performance.
  • Versatile Module and Cabinet Sizes: Our screens support 320mm x 160mm modules and 640mm x 480mm cabinets, offering flexibility in installation and use.

Commitment to Quality and Service, LED Screen Panel

At LED SIGN BD LTD, we are committed to providing the best quality LED screens and exceptional customer service. We offer customized solutions and promptly address all inquiries. Our timely delivery and guaranteed quality ensure that we meet and exceed our clients’ expectations.

Choose LED SIGN BD LTD for your LED display needs in Bangladesh and experience unparalleled quality and service.

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LED screens

LED SIGN BD LTD. is a leading importer and supplier of LED screens and panels in Bangladesh, operating since 2006. Specializing in a variety of LED screens ranging from P1 to P10, the company serves clients across Dhaka and Chittagong. With a strong commitment to quality and innovation, LED SIGN BD LTD has established itself as a trusted provider in the LED display industry in Bangladesh. LED SIGN BD LTD. is a global leader for LED video wall solutions with high-performance, commercial-grade LED displays and LED screens.

Phone: +88 01984888877 +88 01924756970

LED screens
LED Screen Panel

LED SIGN BD LTD offers the PH2.6 SMD1515 indoor full-color LED display unit, featuring a die-cast aluminum hanging rental cabinet with a corner protection design. It includes a front mask, operates on a 32-scan system, uses Kinglight LEDs, and has excellent plastic quality with a brightness of 800-1000cd. The unit is equipped with a 455IC and a 7680Hz refresh rate, a Nova Receiver A5S for pin-to-pin direct connection, and a slim G-energy power supply. Cabinet sizes available are 500mm x 1000mm and 500mm x 500mm, and it comes in a flight case package.

Pricing (EXW Shenzhen): LED screens

  • 500x1000mm cabinet: 659 USD/SQM
  • 500x500mm cabinet: 769 USD/SQM

DDP USA Pricing (Air Ship): LED screens

  • Production time: 7 days
  • Air shipping, customs clearance, door-to-door delivery: 10 days
  • Total time: 17 days
  • 500x1000mm cabinet: 989 USD/SQM
  • 500x500mm cabinet: 1099 USD/SQM

DDP USA Pricing (Sea Ship):

  • Production time: 7 days
  • Sea shipping, customs clearance, door-to-door delivery: 35-45 days
  • Total time: 42-52 days
  • 500x1000mm cabinet: 792 USD/SQM
  • 500x500mm cabinet: 956 USD/SQM

Advertising Led Display Screen price in Bangladesh

We are importer of Jia Lily

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