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leading signage company in Chattogram

leading signage company in Chattogram

LED SIGN BD LTD. is the leading signage company in Chattogram. We are an LED signboard, neon signboard, digital LED TV billboard, video wall, indoor and outdoor LED moving billboard, and digital billboard channel importer from China. Panel importing p1 to p10 for making a digital LED electric billboard. Acrylic Sign, SS Sign, Sticker Sign, Car Branding, Banner, Festoon, Pana Sign, Glow Sign, Shop Sign, Aluminium Profile Box, Profile Lighting Signboard.

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Products of a signboard and billboard advertising company.

Outdoor Billboards:
Large advertising structures are designed for outdoor placement along highways, busy streets, or other high-visibility areas.

Digital Billboards:
High-tech electronic displays that can showcase dynamic and changing content, often using LED technology.

LED Displays:
Customized electronic display screens are commonly used for advertising, information dissemination, and branding.

Neon Signs:
Bright and eye-catching signs created using neon tubes are popular for storefronts, restaurants, and entertainment venues.

Channel Letters:
3D letters and logos are often illuminated with LED lights, commonly used for building signage and storefronts.

Pylon Signs:
Freestanding, tall signs are often found near roadways or entrances to display the names of businesses, shopping centers, or gas stations.

Awnings and Canopies:
Branded fabric or metal structures are installed over entrances to provide shade and display business names or logos.

Vehicle Wraps:
Full or partial wraps for vehicles, turning them into mobile advertisements for businesses.

Wayfinding Signs:
Signs designed to guide people within a space, such as malls, airports, or campuses, provide directional information.

Digital Signage Solutions:
Comprehensive systems that include digital displays, content management software, and hardware for dynamic content presentation.

Vinyl Banners:
Large banners made of vinyl material are suitable for temporary promotions, events, or grand openings.

Trade Show Displays:

Portable and customizable displays for use at trade shows and exhibitions, often including banners, backdrops, and stands.

In-store Signage:
Signs and displays are placed inside retail stores to promote products, sales, or brand messages.

Architectural Signs:
Custom signs are integrated into the architecture of buildings, providing both aesthetic appeal and functional information.

Safety and Regulatory Signs:
Signs designed to convey safety information, warnings, or regulatory compliance within various environments.

Menu Boards:
Displays are used in restaurants or cafes to showcase menu items, prices, and promotions.

Real Estate Signs:
Signs used for property listings, often with information about homes, apartments, or commercial spaces for sale or rent.

Informational Kiosks:
Freestanding structures with digital displays or interactive touchscreens provide information in public spaces.

Advantages of using signboards and billboards for your business:

Increased Visibility
Brand Awareness
Effective Communication
Location Marketing
24/7 Advertising
Cost-Effective Marketing
Local Targeting
Enhanced Aesthetics
Competitive Advantage
Impulse Purchases
Information Conveyance
Supports Marketing Campaigns
Flexibility and Customization
Long-term Investment
Cultural and Local Relevance | leading signage company in Chattogram

Signage Company Materials: Leading Signage Company in Chattogram

Aluminum Composite Material (ACM): a lightweight and durable material composed of aluminum sheets bonded to a polyethylene core. Commonly used for outdoor signage.
Corrugated plastic Lightweight and cost-effective, suitable for temporary or short-term signage.
Wood is a traditional material for certain types of signs, providing a classic and rustic appearance.

Vinyl Materials:
Vinyl Films: self-adhesive films used for lettering, graphics, and decals. Available in various colors, finishes, and opacities.
Printable Vinyl: Vinyl sheets or rolls designed for digital printing to create vibrant and customized graphics.

Metallic Materials:
Stainless steel provides a sleek and modern appearance. Often used for dimensional letters and high-end signage.
Brass offers a classic and elegant look, suitable for certain types of indoor signage.

Acrylic Materials:
Acrylic Sheets: transparent or colored sheets used for creating durable and visually striking signs. Commonly used for illuminated signs.
Acrylic Letters: pre-cut or custom-shaped letters made from acrylic, often used for dimensional signage.

Lighting Components:

LED modules are energy-efficient light sources commonly used for backlighting and illuminating signs.

Inks and Printing Materials:
UV Inks: specialized inks that cure instantly under ultraviolet light, suitable for outdoor and durable signage.
Digital Printing Media: Substrates designed for digital printing, including banners, mesh, and fabric materials.

Adhesives and Fasteners:
Sign Mounting Hardware: brackets, standoffs, and other hardware used to mount signs securely.
Adhesive Tapes and Sealants: Used for bonding various materials and ensuring the longevity of outdoor signage.

Finishing Materials:
Laminates are protective films applied to printed graphics to enhance durability and UV resistance.
Edge Capping: Protective edging is applied to signs for a finished appearance and to prevent wear.

Paints and coatings:
Outdoor Paints: Weather-resistant paints suitable for exterior signage.
Powder coating is a durable and environmentally friendly coating applied to metal surfaces.

Frame Materials:
Aluminum frames are lightweight and corrosion-resistant and commonly used for framing large outdoor signs.
Steel Frames: robust frames suitable for heavy-duty or structural signage.

Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Materials:
PVC Foam Board: lightweight and easily machined for creating dimensional and carved signage.
High-Density Urethane (HDU): A durable material often used for CNC carving and dimensional signage.

Lighting Led Billboard Signboard Nameplate Company

Service Area: Chattogram Port Area, Agrabad, GEC Circle (GEC Moor), Kazir Dewri, Halishahar, Khulshi, Nasirabad, Panchlaish, Chandgaon, Chawkbazar, Patharghata, Kotwali Thana, Laldighi, Chittagong Hill Tracts (CHT).

leading signage company in Chattogram
leading signage company in Chattogram

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