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LED Video Van Hiring For Elections Outdoor P4 P5 P6 P8 Energy Saving Advertisin. High quality Foton 6.88m2 advertising. Led mobile billboard truck for sale in the Philippines. Product Description LED Truck Mobile Led Display Video Wall for Box Truck. LED display, also called led screen, led video wall. Led sign, with its unique advantages, has gradually replaced the traditional billboards, light boxes, etc. LED display advertising has become a new force in the media industry. Traditional advertising can only show pictures, But LED display/led video wall. Led screen can perfect combine text, pictures, video, and sound with high resolution, high brightness and full colour! LED display Advertising screen can easily attract the attention of pedestrians, and also are easy to remember, which can generate greater advertising effectiveness. Led display screen now are widely applied in media advertising, transportation, Security,Real estate and Stage show background. P3 P4 P5 P6 Full Color Display Screen Outdoor. LED Mobile Billboard Advertising Truck For Advertisement. Product Description: 1. Purpose: For mobile advertising, products promotion, branding, draft activities, concerts, and sport events, etc. 2. Main parts: LED screen, Generator set, Computer, Control system etc. HOWO 4*2 P6 Mobile Advertising Truck Mobile LED Display Advertisement Truck Mobile Billboard Truck for Sale Specifications 1. High resolution, HD nice video advertising effect. 2. DIP LED encapsulation confirm the high brightness even under strong sunlight 3. Good protection level waterproof IP65, anti-corrosion,oxidation resistance,long life span 4. Long viewing distance, High definition, Good uniformity 5. Brightness can be adjusted automatically according to different surroundings, 6. Can be set to open and close the screen automatically 7. Can be fixed on the wall, by pole support on the street, on top of building, or for stage rental hanging to meet the request of concert stage background, event show, live broadcasting, live meeting, banquet, party, etc, to display the content what you want, by video, graphics, animation etc, connect with PC computer or network, also can remote control with asynchronous system, Wifi control, 3G control. 8. Widely used for outdoor commercial advertising, stage rental, traffic advertising, mobile truck advertising, sports stadium advertising etc. 9, P6 P8 P10 type screen is optional. 10, Adopts hydraulic control of one side screen.Led Video Van For Election CampaignsP10 Moving Display Board with Neon Signage & Neon Lighting, Acp Off Cut Acrylic Letter PVC, Shop Sign, Name Plate, Lighting Sign Board, LED Sign, Neon Sign, Acrylic Sign, Moving Display for Indoor & Outdoor Signage in Bd. Japan LED Truck Mobile LED Billboard Display Advertising Screen Stage Truck.

Digital Billboard Advertising Agency in Bangladesh

Led Display Mobile Billboard trailer. The basic equipment includes silent generator, aluminum checkered plate wall, waterproof leather or wooden floors, safe and intelligent switch power distribution system, integrated computer control, lighting, circulating ventilation fans, shockproof computers, and gigabit media control system, stereos, one amplifier, 4 waterproof column loud speakers, and other tiny accessory facilities within the body. Digital Billboard Advertising Agency in Bangladesh .

Digital Billboard Advertising Agency in Bangladesh, Led Display Mobile Billboard trailer

Feature of Led Display Mobile Billboard trailer

  1. LED Screen: It uses imported, high level of illumination, long life-span, and high refresh frequency and easy to maintain.
  2. Generator set: It is specialized designed for this style. Lower noise and stable. Led Sign BD Ltd.
  3. Lifting system of LED screen: We use the electric puts as the lifting system, since the synchronization error of two Electric puts is only 1mm.
  4. Vehicle air-conditioner: Its most important function is cooling the LED screen and the generator, also it could well cool the carriage, and provide a very comfortable environment for the staffs. The vehicle air- conditioner also has excellent quake-proof index and waterproof index.
  5. Multi-media Control System: Integrated control cabinet with industrial computer, amplifier, and operation buttons together. The speakers are equipped in the frame of carriage. With it, you could do on-site live recording and broadcasting, television program broadcasting, live karaoke and so on.

Digital Billboard Advertising Agency in Bangladesh

Product Description
HD Full Color Outdoor Advertising Mobile Truck Trailer Led Display Screen for moving advertisements.

  1. Can we make any size of led display?
    YES, but we suggest you take large size because it is better for outdoor advertising
  2. How to install led display?
    We will provide detailed drawing of installation frame or do Teamviewer to help you install.
  3. How to ship?
    Normally, the display will be shipped by sea because it is much cheaper than by air.
  4. Can I buy truck from you?
    Yes, but we still suggest you buy at local . Firstly it can save you much more freight cost .
    Secondly, the truck from China might be hard to meet your country’s emission stardard.
  5. Can I play different content on three sided display.
    Yes, we will prepare you NOVA software by which you can set up three display windows and then upload different videos on them.
  6. why do I need a video processor?
    A video processor is a special component that scales and formats the video signal from a media player, satellite receiver, DVD
    player, computer,or video game console and converts it into a format that can be displayed on an LED screen.
    Better quality video processors include hardware and software that enhances image quality and also include multiple inputs so you
    can switch between several different video sources.
  7. Can I do live-streaming?
    Yes , we will prepare a video processor that can realize your thoughts
  8. What do I need except a truck and LED display screens?
    (1). One set of video processor , light sensor.
    (2). One set of diesel generator.
    (3). One set of computer
    (4). Four sets of speakers.
    (5). One set of amplifier.

Led Sign BD Ltd provides Complete Range of Premium Quality Outdoor & Indoor SMD Screens, Video Walls and Digital Signage Solutions.

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