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Narrow Pixel Pitch Indoor LED Display Screen Video Wall
Rental LED Display Screen
Transparent LED Display Screen
Aiming to be the best indoor & outdoor LED display screen manufacturer, Rigard produces qualified LED display screens and ancillary solutions. With continuous development and fast improvement, Rigard LED display screens to appear to be in use in major cities with different dimensions. In a variety of types and sizes, Rigard indoor & outdoor LED display screens are applicable to many different occasions and fields according to needs. Billboard LED display screens, stadium LED display screens, and irregular-shape LED display screens would be the trend in the global market.
Aiming to be the best indoor & outdoor LED display screen manufacturer, Rigard produces qualified LED display screens and ancillary solutions. With continuous development and fast improvement, Rigard LED display screens to appear to be in use in major cities with different dimensions. In a variety of types and sizes, Rigard indoor & outdoor LED display screens are applicable to many different occasions and fields according to needs. Billboard LED display screens, stadium LED display screens, and irregular-shape LED display screens would be the trend in the global market.
Indoor LED Display Screen

Rigard indoor LED display screens can be flexibly installed to meet the needs of various sites, showing visitors the perfect visual effect.

Outdoor LED Display Screen

The outdoor LED display screen produced by Rigard is IP65 and IP67 waterproof and with high brightness from 3500nits to 10000nits, which can adapt to all external environments.

Sports LED Display Screen

Rigard stadium LED display screens are widely used in various sports events, including perimeter LED display screens, scoreboards, multi-function sporting LED display screens, etc.
Rental LED Display Screen

Rigard provides high-quality indoor & outdoor LED display screens that can be used for business occasions and for rent to other business partners. The indoor & outdoor LED display screens are light and easy to install. Rigard LED display screens are the best choice for rental companies.

Large Scale LED Display Screen

The main business segment of Rigard in LED display screens is the large dimension LED display screens, which is suitable for all the large-scale activities.


Rigard LED display screen shows the enjoyable display effect in the exhibition for every visitor, which brings an unforgettable experience for everyone.


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LED Screens for Esports Events
The integration of pop culture, global investors, brands, live streaming and social sharing has driven the explosive growth of the esports industry. Various esports games have then gradually established league mechanisms, bringing new market opportunities for other industries.

Among them, esports live streaming, as one of the most important parts of esports events, has guided a new direction for the LED display screen industry and promoted the development of esports LED displays.


With the inclusion of esports in the 2022 Asian Games in Hangzhou, LED display screens have an unparalleled advantage in esports live streaming thanks to their ultra-high definition, 5G + 8K, multi-screen interactivity, and other technology support.

In order to allow fans from any angle to enjoy the high-definition visual and fully experience the esports competition, the Hangzhou Asian Games Electronic Competition Venues installed 15 huge high-definition LED display screens for real-time live broadcast.

LCD vs LED vs OLED Screens for Esports
Since the presentation of real-time game images is the main focus of the display requirements in gaming competitions, there are tight criteria for the size and instant response of the display screen. More than that, in order to show the audience every aspect of the fight process, a huge screen with high brightness, contrast, and color saturation is also required.

LED, LCD, and OLED are the three most common display types on the market today. Despite having the finest image quality, OLED screens are too expensive for use in widespread commercial applications. As the most primitive display technology, LCD screens fall short of LED screens in terms of brightness, clarity, contrast, and endurance.

An ideal option for esports events is an LED display screen. They have high refresh rates, high definition, high contrast, and they can combine with high dynamic, high frame rate, and 3D virtual reality to achieve an immersive viewing experience. LED display screens are good at showing the audience synchronization of every detail in esports. Additionally, LEDs can precisely show the stunning visual effects of the game world because it has brightness and contrast on par with or even better than OLED.


Where is the LED Screen for Esports Applied?
The building of the tournament venue is obviously crucial given that the esports game is recognized as an international event. Each esports venue will be equipped with large esport LED screens.

According to the Esports Venue Construction Standards released by the China Stadium Association in 2017, esports venues are divided into four levels: A, B, C and D, and esports venues above the C level must be equipped with LED display screens. The standard also specifies that the venues should comprise at least one primary screen and numerous subsidiary screens to ensure that the audience can watch comfortably from all angles under normal circumstances.


Technical Requirements for LED Screens for Esports
As with conventional sports events, the emphasis of esports competition is live gaming and huge screen viewing. LED screens for esports in real-time presentation, network information dissemination, and ultra-high definition display, however, have more demanding technical requirements than those for general sports events.

1. Low latency, high frame rate and high refresh rate
In contrast to other display technologies, the LED screens for esports must broadcast the game screens in real time with a very low latency in order to fully immerse the audience in the intense action. To enable real-time flawless synchronization without scan lines and lagging, the delay at the receiving end of the LED display screen should be less than 2 frames.

On top of that, LED screens for esports require nanosecond screen response time, high frame rate of 144fps, and high refresh rate of at least 3,840Hz to guarantee a consistent viewing experience for both online and offline viewers. If the screen response time has a delay of 3-5 milliseconds, there are heavy shadows and trailing when playing intense sports visuals, greatly affecting the viewing experience of the audience.

2. Ultra high definition (UHD)
The most fundamental demand for LED display screens across all businesses is now HD display. However, HD display is crucial during an esports competition since it makes it easier for players and spectators to see every detail of the game, including fine textures, small symbols, and text.

High-definition displays for esports contests are now feasible thanks to advancements in fine pitch LED display technology. The smaller the pixel pitch a LED screen for esports has, the more LED pixels work on the LED module to produce HD images. For instance, a P1.8 LED display has at least 284,444 pixels square meters to produce high-definition images.

3. High brightness, high contrast and high grayscale
Since esports events are frequently hosted indoors, there will inevitably be intense stage lighting. As a result, the esports LED screens must feature high brightness, high contrast, and high grayscale in order to completely restore the original color of the source image and display as many details as possible for each game frame.

To further enhance image quality, this necessitates LED screens for esports to additionally support HDR10. With HDR10, you can distinguish a wider range of colors and depth between lighter and darker tones. HDR10 technology also combines the effects of dimming and altering brightness levels to produce game images at the greatest nits levels in addition to balancing color and contrast.

4. Large size and wide angle
As opposed to traditional sports competitions, what draws the audience’s attention is the exciting screen feedback during games, not the player’s action scenario. Therefore, the size of the LED screens for esports must be large enough, and the four side viewing screens must be very simple to construct. This necessitates flexible installation capabilities and seamless splicing in the esports LED displays.

Furthermore, the LED screens for esports need to have a wide angle so that everyone in the stadium can see the image on the screen well. The LED display screens that have a 160° horizontal viewing angle and a 140° vertical viewing angle can dramatically enhance the viewing experience for audiences in various locations on the scene.


5. Wide color gamut
The vibrant nature of the gaming industry further raises expectations for the color display capabilities of LED display screens. Wide Color Gamut is also required for LED screens for esports in order to enhance color accuracy and bring each game character to life for the audience.

6. Extremely high stability
The Actions per minute (APM) of professional gaming players can be more than 300 times, and some even more than 500 times. Therefore, the esports LED screens need to be highly stable and durable. To avoid negative influence on participants and the audience’s viewing experience, the esports LED display cannot flicker or go out or in other unexpected circumstances while there is a live broadcast.

RIGARD LED Screens for Esports
As a reputable manufacturer of LED display screens, RIGARD is dedicated to enhancing your LED displays for gaming applications through innovative display technology. Since we are experts in the fine pitch LED display technology, we can provide you with a variety of high definition LED display solutions based on your unique needs.

RIGARD P1.9 LED display, with a pixel pitch of 1.9 mm, is crucial in producing the sharp, detailed images required for esports competitions. With such a small pixel pitch, images appear exceptionally clear and detailed even at close look. Moreover, the high resolution of RIGARD P1.9 LED display enables it to render graphics and video in Ultra High Definition (UHD) or 4K resolution, giving viewers a more lifelike viewing experience.

Another key feature of RIGARD LED screens for esports is the high refresh rate and low latency. Our P1.9 LED display has a refresh rate of up to 7,680Hz and a screen response time in the nanosecond range, much higher than other LED screens, helping to minimize latency, blurring and other motion artifacts.

One of the most significant advantages of RIGARD P1.9 LED display is that it has standard color accuracy, up to 1000 nits brightness and a high gray scale of 16 bits. Our LED display screens producing more vivid and realistic colors, is the best choice for esports LED screens to give your audiences an immersive viewing experience.

Apart from that, RIGARD LED screens for esports can be installed via modular splicing, enabling them to be set up in a number of forms and sizes to accommodate various locations and event types. They are simple to assemble and disassemble due to its lightweight construction.

In short, the high refresh rate, low latency, high brightness, high contrast ratio, color accuracy and flexible installation make RIGARD P1.9 LED displays ideal for a variety of esports events, from small tournaments to large events with thousands of participants.
Outdoor LED Display Solution: P1.5 and P1.8 LED Display
As the pandemic begins to wane, more and more outdoor activities are being done one after another, which is causing the outdoor display industry to once again see a resurgence. Since fine pixel pitch LED display is the current display technology, outdoor LED displays are gradually progressing toward ultra-high definition and multi-value added features.

The pixel pitch, or how closely the tiny light-emitting pixels can be arranged on the LED display, has become a major topic of discussion in recent years when it comes to high-definition displays for outdoor LED screens.

What is Pixel Pitch?
Pixel pitch describes the density of each tiny LED pixel on an LED display and is the vertical and horizontal distance between the center points of each LED pixel. Pixel pitch is sometimes referred to as pitch or dot pitch, abbreviated as “P” and measured in millimeters. Thus a P1.0 LED display denotes an LED display with an LED pixel pitch of 1 mm.

The fixed-size circuit boards and backplanes sequentially mounted with LED beads are called LED modules. These LED modules are seamlessly stitched and stacked together to form a large indoor or outdoor LED wall.

Pixel pitch is important because it affects the visual quality of the outdoor display. Since pixel pitch represents the amount of space between two pixels, a smaller pixel pitch indicates less white space between pixels, which equates to higher pixel density and higher screen resolution.

Images can have smoother edges and better detail thanks to higher pixel density and screen resolution. It allows the viewers to get closer to the screen and yet enjoy a high definition image without the distraction of identifying individual split pixels.


Development of Outdoor LED Display
In Past years, the development of LED screens accelerated. At the moment, LED inline lights hold the top spot in the market for outdoor LED displays. The special nature of the straight plug itself determines the large point spacing between the LED lights, typically 4 mm, 5 mm or even larger.

The first outdoor LED displays to hit the market were for huge billboards in shopping malls and on highways. The visuals on the screens looked fantastic from hundreds of feet away, but when you approached close, the text and photos looked horrible.

People are increasingly expecting to see the image of a direct-view LED display up close as outdoor LED screens are used more frequently. The demand for high-definition viewing effects has led to the trend of pixel pitch of outdoor LED displays downsizing. Therefore, the space is getting smaller and smaller as LED technology develops and manufacturing techniques improve.

The pixel pitch of outdoor LED screens, LED advertising screens, and outdoor LED signs has gradually decreased from P10 to P3, P2.5, and is now capable of P1.8 and P1.5.


● P1.5 LED Display
P1.5 LED display refers to the LED module in the LED pixel pitch of 1.5mm, pixel density of up to 444,444 per square meters and the minimum viewing distance of 1.5 meters.

● P1.8 LED Display
P1.8 LED display refers to the LED module in the LED pixel pitch of 1.8mm, pixel density of 288,906 per square meters, and the minimum viewing distance of 1.8 meters.

P1.5 LED displays and P1.8 LED displays provide more pixels to form an image on the display for spectacular high definition image quality when compared to P20 and P16 LED displays. P1.5 LED displays feature a closer ideal viewing distance and greater resolution as a result.

Additionally, the narrow pixel pitch LED display technology, represented by P1.8 and P1.5 LED displays, is renowned for its great brightness, energy efficiency, and extended life. Wider viewing angles are also made possible by this technology, allowing images to be clearly seen from farther away or from a variety of angles. Narrow pixel pitch LED display screen also provides a larger color range and higher brightness.

Fine pixel outdoor LED displays are now widely used in applications where people can see the screen up close, such as advertising in airports and rail terminals, seamless LED video wall centers in control and operations rooms, and in parking lots of public and private buildings.

RIGARD Narrow Pixel Outdoor LED Displays
RIGARD has overcome the technological barrier and achieved a reduced pixel pitch of P1.8 and P1.5 for outdoor LED display, while the pixel pitch of the majority of present outdoor LED screens can only accomplish P2.5.

1. Superior Image Quality
As more and more businesses turn to outdoor LED displays to enhance the customer experience, RIGARD’s P1.5 LED displays and P1.8 LED displays offer the ideal combination of superior image quality and intuitive ease of use. We use video processing technology combined with high dynamic range (HDR) image optimization to add clarity and detail to the presentation of featured content, providing your audiences with more realistic and memorable content.

2. High Definition Image Display
RIGARD’s P1.5 LED displays and P1.8 LED displays feature refresh rates up to 3840 Hz and brightness levels up to 4000 nits. By using custom algorithms to analyze and optimize brightness levels in each content scene, our narrow pixel outdoor LED display screens provide you with bright and high-definition image displays.

3. Accurate Color Representation
Low grayscale levels on conventional LED displays make it difficult to represent red, green, and blue colors properly and without artifacts. RIGARD, however, overcomes these difficulties with the outstanding outdoor LED display technology, which boosts image color fidelity by keeping constant R/G/B levels. As a result, even in low-light settings like outdoor stage LED displays at night, our P1.5 LED displays and P1.8 LED displays can display content in the best quality with consistent and accurate color performance.

4. Flexible Installation
RIGARD’s outdoor display screens have a compact design with a 45° angle for high-precision stitching for more installation freedom. With no need for aisle space, our P1.5 and P1.8 LED displays provide full frontal access to important signage components, while complementing back access makes maintenance simpler and quicker.

5. Durable Performance
Outdoor LED displays are subject to stricter environmental adaptation standards than indoor displays. The P1.5 and P1.8 LED displays from RIGARD include high-performance silicone lamp faces that are waterproof on both sides. It can withstand moisture and salt spray even in hostile environments, extending the service life. To further guarantee that the narrow pixel pitch outdoor LED screens can function correctly in all usage circumstances, we will conduct extensive high and low temperature tests as well as salt spray tests before they are sent out for display applications in unique geographic regions.

There are more chances than ever for high-definition LED displays to offer an engaging visual experience when people are outdoors, whether it be LED scoreboards and stage backdrops or LED advertising billboards and traffic signs. And RIGARD narrow pixel pitch outdoor LED display solutions are made to suit your requirements.
How to Choose the Best LED Display Manufacturer?
LED display technology has matured to become the display solution of choice for a variety of industries including entertainment, sports, education, broadcasting and advertising. If deployed properly, LED display screens will attract a steady stream of target audiences for you and serve as an effective tool to drive your business forward. But all of this is possible only if you find the best LED display manufacturer.

Choosing the best LED display manufacturer is challenging because it requires you to spend more time on the quality of the product and the professionalism of the manufacturer. We will cover the most comprehensive guide on how to choose the best LED screen manufacturer in this article, and hopefully you will get substantial help in this matter.

How to Choose the Best LED Display Manufacturer?
Here are some of the factors you need to consider when choosing the best LED screen manufacturer.

1. Focus on the Quality of LED Display Screens
Product quality, from the aesthetics of the LED screen to the technical requirements for a safe display, is the primary consideration when you choose an LED display supplier. Visual effect is often one of the important indicators of the quality of LED displays. Regardless of the application of LED display screens, you should visit the factory or request samples to ensure they have high brightness, high gray level, high refresh rate, high definition and wide angle. This is all to provide the ultimate visual experience to your target users.

It is especially important to ensure that the LED screen manufacturer uses quality materials and components so that the longevity and reliability of the LED display panels can be guaranteed. Therefore, to avoid falling into every little technical flaw, you should choose a professional LED display manufacturer whose expertise can ensure product quality and safe display while meeting aesthetic needs.

2. Compliance with Specific Safety Standards
A good way to determine whether to include an LED display manufacturer on your shortlist is to know if they meet specific safety standards for the LED display industry. Some of the safety standards for LED displays include, but are not limited to, EMC, ETL, CCC, CE, FCC, RoHS, etc. When an LED display supplier strictly meets these production standards, the quality and safety of the LED display panels they produce are guaranteed. It can go a long way in helping you reduce uncertainties such as product technical failures and defects.

3. Extensive LED Display Manufacturing Experience
Another way to know if an LED display supplier is the best is to research whether the company has years of LED display manufacturing experience, which can be done by looking at the time of establishment and successful project experience.

A manufacturer with extensive display manufacturing experience must have a successful project history and display expertise. Experience and expertise are particularly important requirements when your digital display project requires specialized design. This is because an LED screen manufacturer with specialized display knowledge can critically analyze your project and can provide creative LED solutions based on your individual needs.

In addition, a manufacturer with extensive experience in display manufacturing is bound to have a good reputation in the industry. Asking industry professionals about the experience and reputation of your candidate LED display supplier can help you avoid the safety concerns and functional risks associated with inferior products and poor design.

4. Consider the LED Display Screen Cost
LED displays are not simply a one-time purchase; they involve customization, design, manufacturing, testing, shipping, installation and other aspects. Therefore, the cost of a high quality LED display that can contribute to the growth of your business will not be very low.

When choosing a LED display supplier, it is recommended to know the display market in advance and not to sacrifice quality for lower cost. Low-priced LED displays sacrifice the quality and performance of LED screen panels, and will be much less bright in terms of display brightness, clarity and contrast. Instead, it is wise of you to set the budget and choose an LED display manufacturer that balances affordability and quality.

5. Availability of Customization Options
You will always have display projects that require different design requirements. Whether it is an outdoor 3D LED display or an indoor interactive floor LED display, you will need to customize the design for different scenarios and display purposes. When looking for the best LED display manufacturer, advance the priority of the manufacturer who can offer customization possibilities to meet your needs. This will allow you to design the LED display that best suits your brand, message and target market.

6. Availability of After-sales Support
After-sales support is one of the key factors to consider when choosing the best LED display manufacturer. Check if they have a dedicated technical support team to provide adequate support for the installation, training and maintenance of the LED display screens.

Why Should You Choose RIGARD LED?
RIGARD LED is an international LED screen manufacturer offering design, production and distribution services for all types of LED displays and visualization products. We have gained significant market share in the field of narrow pixel pitch LED displays. RIGARD has always known that high quality and unparalleled customer service is the key to turning short-term contacts into long-term partnerships. Our LED display screens give you an overwhelming competitive advantage and promote your business for life by working together.

1. High Quality and Versatile LED Displays
RIGARD refuses to compromise on low quality LED display screens, but takes every possible step to exceed your expectations. Our LED display solutions include full color indoor LED displays, outdoor LED displays, digital LED display boards, flexible LED screens, transparent LED screens, stadium LED screens, etc.

RIGARD insists on using die-cast aluminum as the main material of LED panels to ensure the high quality and superior performance of each LED screen. Even in intense outdoor sports, RIGARD LED displays are crash-proof, waterproof and heat resistant.

Rather than being your one-time purchase, RIGARD LED displays offer an industry standard of 100,000 hour half-life, which means you can run your LED display screen at full brightness 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for over a decade. Not only that, but the ultimate 0.9mm pixel pitch, refresh rate of up to 3840 Hz and brightness of 1000 nits provide your target audiences with ultra high definition content display.

2. Rich Experience in LED Display Manufacturing
Since entering the LED display industry in 2013, RIGARD has been dedicated to the production and manufacturing of LED display panels in a very professional manner. RIGARD LED displays have been all over the world, completing several LED display projects that have been highly recognized by our customers.

For example, in South Africa, we provided 1.8 pixel pitch indoor LED displays for TV studios to enable high definition TV transmissions. In Oman Stadium, our stadium perimeter LED display for the stadium contributed to the smooth running of the game due to its excellent anti-collision and waterproof performance. In the US, RIGARD’s church LED display screens deliver superior detailed visuals due to industry-leading small pixel pitch technology.

After several successful LED display projects, RIGARD has accumulated a wealth of experience and display expertise in LED display manufacturing to provide you with incredible custom LED displays.


3. Passed Professional Certification Inspection
As a trusted LED display supplier, RIGARD is an industry leader in compliance with TUV, EMC, CE, RoHS standard certifications to ensure that the LED display solutions you invest in are safe and reliable. We strictly enforce IQC, IPQC, QC, CFQC, QA in every aspect of our process quality control engineering and supply chain management. Due to the strict requirements on product quality, RIGARD has already enjoyed high customer satisfaction and loyalty worldwide.

4. Customized Display Solutions Available
RIGARD not only provides LED displays that balance affordability and high quality, but also offers custom LED display solutions to meet your needs. With several successful LED display projects around the world, we are able to provide one-stop customization services for simple to complex LED display projects. With years of experience in LED display manufacturing, RIGARD is able to analyze your display project with a professional perspective and give useful suggestions to your LED display designs that go beyond the status quo.

Narrow Pixel Pitch LED Display Screen
Narrow Pixel Pitch Indoor & Outdoor LED Display Screen delivers high-performance images and videos with high precision pixel pitches from 0.9mm to 1.8mm that brings a great experience at a close viewing distance. Narrow Pixel Pitch LED Display Screen creates remarkable visual experiences with long-lasting quality and provides extraordinary image quality with precise colors. Additionally, the high reliability and advanced features bring a longer lifecycle for this LED display screen. Its lightweight front-accessible is more convenient than the conventional fixed LED display screens. Narrow Pixel Pitch LED Display Screen is easier to install by stacking or wall mounted. The usage of the Small Pitch LED Display Screen is infinity. As a qualified LED video wall manufacturer, we provide high-quality LED display screens. Learn more to interact with Narrow Pixel Pitch LED display screens for business.

High-Quality Products
We conform to the certification of TUV, EMC, CE, and RoHS standards as a lead in the industry. It acts strictly on the IQC, IPQC, QC, CFQC, and QA in each step of quality control engineering and supplies chain management in the technological process.

Rich Experience
Rigard indoor & outdoor LED display screen dominates the LED display screen market. As an experienced LED display screen manufacturer, we have rich project experiences and professional manufacturing technology. We provide customized products and on-sale products based on your preferences.

Various Types of LED Display Screens
The research and development of LED application products from Rigard cover the full range and structural diversification. Rigard LED displays include full-color indoor & outdoor LED display screens, billboard LED display screens, irregular-shape LED display screens, truck mobile LED display screens, stadium LED display screens, etc.

Who We Are
Rigard LED is a LED screen manufacturer producing LED display screen products including indoor & outdoor LED display screens. It mainly provides large dimensions LED display screens. Rigard LED is an international LED screen manufacturer offering designs, productions, distributions, and services of digital LED signs, LED display screens, and visualization products globally. Rigard has gained significant market share in narrow pixel pitch LED display screens. Additionally, Rigard offers indoor, outdoor, fixed, and creative LED display screens, as well as other ancillary solutions for any occasion. Its products are widely applicable in broadcast, sports arenas, stadiums, advertisement networks, retail digital signage, control rooms, exhibitions, large-scale events, digital cultural experiences, etc.

Why Choose Us
We, as a reliable LED screen manufacturer, are the leader of the industry in conforming to the certification of TUV, EMC, CE, and RoHS standards. The quality management of products is improved perfectly under the strict quality certification system. Also, we focus on the practice and the use of the daily 7S management standards. It acts strictly on the IQC、IPQC、QC、CFQC、QA in each step of quality control engineering and supplies chain management in the technological process.

Company Profile2.
Company Profile2
What We Do
Our LED application products cover the full range and structural diversification based on professional research and development. As an experienced LED screen manufacturer, our products include indoor & outdoor full-color LED display screens, LED advertisement display screens, LED stage display screens, irregular-shape LED display screens, truck mobile LED display screens, sports LED display screens, and traffic information LED display screens, etc., which are widely used in the global market. The main products are P2.6, P2,97, P3.91 for outdoors, P1.2, P1.5, and P1.8 for indoors.

As a professional LED screen manufacturer, Rigard LED performs technical service and guidance to customers on a global scope. Consisting of a professional and technical team, we serve the global market and focus on problem-solving for customers in technological processes, and customize different solutions based on needs. Rigard LED is always well-prepared for any professional services or helps required from customers, including spare parts matching, network communications, visiting of overhaul, etc.

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