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Storefronts and Retail Spaces


LED SIGN BD LTD. is the leading shop sign, glow sign and profile signage maker and manufacturer agency in Dhaka, Bangladesh. If you are looking for best signboard company near Gulshan, Banani, Mirpur, Uttara, and Palton, you can choose LED SIGN BD Ltd. The company was established in 2006 by Mr. Belal Ahmed. From the start, we completed 2,500 signboard, billboard, neon, and name plate projects in Dhaka, Bangladesh. ALAN SOLY GLORY FASHION PROJECT COST 50,000 BDT ONLY. LED SIGN PRICE BD, NEON SIGN PRICE BD, and ACRYLIC SIGN PRICE BD. GARMENT SIGN BD. SHOP PANA/GLOW SIGN | PROFILE SIGN BD.

Products of Signboard Company

Every signboard company offers a variety of products and services to cater to the signage needs of businesses, organizations, and individuals. given below some product names of signboard companies.

a. Outdoor signage

  1. Palon Signs 2. building signs 3. monument signage.

b. Indoor Signage

  1. Lobby signs 2. directional signs 3. ADS-compliant signs 4. vehicle signs.

c. Vehicle Signs

  1. Vehicle Wraps 2. Magnetic Signs

d. Window Graphics:

  1. Vinyl Window lettering 2. perforated window film


  1. LED Channel Letters 2. 3D Letter 3. Neon Signage

f. Banners and posters

  1. Vinyl banners, posters,

g. Trade show display

  1. Pop-up Displays 2. Banner Stands

h. Dimentional Letters

  1. Acrylic 3D Letters 2. Metal Letters

i. Custom Signs

  1. custom-cut signs 2. personalized signs,

j. Safety and regulatory signage

  1. Safety Signs and regulatory signs

k. digital signage

  1. LED Display 2. Digital Menu boards

l. Signboard installation and maintenance service


Storefronts and Retail Spaces:
Aluminum-profile box lighting sign boards are often used for storefront signage, providing a visually appealing and illuminated display for retail businesses.

Restaurants and Cafes:
These sign boards can be used in the hospitality industry to highlight the name of a restaurant or cafe, creating an inviting and attractive atmosphere.

Hotels and Hospitality:
In hotels, aluminum profile box lighting signs can be used for wayfinding, branding, and providing information about different amenities within the facility.

Corporate Offices:
Corporate offices often use these sign boards for branding and directional purposes, guiding employees and visitors through the office space.

Shopping Malls:
Within shopping malls, aluminum profile box lighting signs can be employed for individual store identification, promotions, or directional signage.

Trade shows and exhibitions:

Portable versions of these sign boards can be used at trade shows and exhibitions to showcase a company’s brand and attract attention to their booth.

Outdoor Events and Festivals:
For outdoor events and festivals, these sign boards can serve as directional markers, event branding, or information displays.

Healthcare Facilities:
In healthcare settings, these sign boards can be used for wayfinding, indicating different departments, offices, or medical services.

Educational Institutions:
Schools and universities can utilize aluminum profile box lighting sign boards for campus signage, directional signs, or to display information about events and activities.

Public Transportation Hubs:
Airports, bus stations, and train stations can benefit from these sign boards for wayfinding, advertising, and providing information to travelers.

Automotive Dealerships:
Car dealerships often use these sign boards for branding and showcasing special promotions or featured vehicles.

Entertainment Venues:
Theatres, cinemas, and entertainment venues can use these sign boards for promoting shows, displaying schedules, or directing patrons.
The versatility and visual appeal of aluminum profile box lighting sign boards make them suitable for a wide range of applications across different industries and settings. SHOP PANA/GLOW SIGN | PROFILE SIGN BD.


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