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Aluminum Composite Panel (ACP) is the most sustainable, eco-friendly material and one of the most recyclable materials on the planet as the Aluminum that has been extracted from the sandwich panels can be easily recycled without any loss of value or quality. ACPs take active parts in solar heating and energy-saving systems that make it energy-efficient, sustainable, and environmentally friendly.

ACP or Aluminum Composite Panel, “The beaming range of exterior facade material” creates a modern and stylish look of the exteriors of the building in Dhaka throughout Bangladesh. The trendy styles include: blocky designs with flat roofs for double stories and some unique shaped render looks for single designs.

Aluminum Composite Panel Supplier in Bangladesh As a leading building and construction company in Bangladesh, we are providing all types of ACP that are used in various shopping meals, hospitals, high rise buildings, and many other places in Dhaka. We have the best quality sandwich panel in Bangladesh. Furthermore, if you are looking for the best quality sandwich panel supplier in Bangladesh we are ready to provide all types of sandwich panels as per your need. We have a wide range of sandwich panel types like PU sandwich panel, EPS sandwich panel, and many more. Also, you will find the best sandwich panel price in Bangladesh.

4mm cheap ACP fireproof panel aluminum composite panels use for outdoor As a kind of aluminum curtain wall products, aluminum composite panels have a series of advantages, such as easy processing performance, economical and practical, excellent quality and so on, compared with aluminum solid panels and aluminum honeycomb panels.Aluminum composite panel is economic and practical, mainly because of the price of itself and it is easy processing performance.The products are widely used in transportation industry, construction industry and some special industries, such as advertising industry. Especially in the construction industry, because of its light weight per unit area, relatively high strength, easy to process and installation, so it is very common application. From the building interior to outdoor decoration, from the low-rise buildings to high-rise buildings, can be seen the figure of aluminum plastic plate. 01 Aluminum Composite Penal (ACP) 4mm (Chinse) Wall& Colom Fitting Sft Alco Tiger Sublime 320 02 Aluminum Composite Penal (ACP) 3mm (Chinse) Wall& Colom Fitting Sft Alco Tiger Sublime 290 03 Aluminum Composite Penal (ACP) 4mm (Korean) Wall& Colom Fitting Sft Alco Penal 600 04 Aluminum Composite Penal (ACP) 4mm (Chinse) Round Colom Fitting Sft Alco Tiger Sublime 370 05 Aluminum Composite Penal (ACP) 3mm (Chinse) Round Colom Fitting Sft Alco Tiger Sublime 340 06 Aluminum Composite Penal (ACP) 4mm (Korean) Round Colom Fitting Sft Alco Penal 650

Aluminum composite panel a popular architecture building decoration material.  Aluminium composite panel price in Bangladesh is according to total acm panel thickness, aluminum thickness and plastic core.If you want to know the aluminum composite panel price, you should know the specification and application first.

Aluminum composite panel, depending on the thickness of the aluminum, the acm panel pricing difference is large. For example, the thickest can be 0.30 mm, followed by 0.25–0.20–0.18–0.15–0.12–0.10–0.08–0.06 and so on. Then the acm panel pricing gap is very large. The square meter should be priced at 3 -18 USD/M2.(FOB price) The composite panels of the same structure, according to different manufacturers and places of origin, the acm panel pricing is also very different. For example, China and Europe countrys, the acm panel pricing difference is large, because the cost is different. The manufacturing cost in China is more cheaper.

Led Sign BD Ltd is engaged in manufacturing and distributing of aluminum products. The company’s product portfolio includes production of aluminum composite panel (ACP) ,polyvinylidene difluoride (PVDF) coating for metal to resist weathering and distribution of processed aluminum products. Nahee Aluminum Composite Panel Ltd famous brand of composite aluminum product is the Alucotiger Composite Panel, used in building window panels and exterior decorations.