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Custom Sticker Label Make Printing & Supplier in Dhaka BD

Led Sign BD Ltd is a prominent sticker maker, supplier, and printing company located in Dhaka, Bangladesh. We specialize in creating a variety of custom sticker labels, including inkjet stickers, vinyl stickers, garment stickers, and clothing stickers. Whether you need stickers for personal use, business branding, or any other purpose, Led Sign BD Ltd offers a wide range of options and high-quality printing services to meet your needs. Feel free to reach out to them for all your custom sticker label requirements in Dhaka, BD. Garments Printing & Stickers in Bangladesh. Custom Sticker Label Make Printing & Supplier in Dhaka BD.

Custom Sticker Label Make Printing & Supplier in Dhaka BD

Led Sign BD Ltd. is a leading sticker maker, supplier, and printer in Dhaka, Bangladesh. inkjet sticker, vinyl sticker, garment sticker, clothing sticker.

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Vinyl Stickers: These stickers are made from vinyl material and are durable and waterproof. Making them suitable for outdoor applications such as car decals, laptop stickers, or outdoor signage. Signboard Maker in Bangladesh. Custom Sticker Label Make Printing & Supplier in Dhaka BD.

Paper Stickers: Typically used for labeling or packaging, paper stickers are made from paper material. And they come in various finishes, including matte and glossy.

Die-Cut Stickers: These stickers are custom-cut to specific shapes or designs, creating a unique appearance. They are commonly used for branding and creative purposes.

Bumper Stickers: Designed to be stuck on vehicle bumpers, these stickers often convey messages, support causes, or display humor.

Holographic Stickers: These stickers have a holographic or metallic appearance, which can create eye-catching visual effects. They are often used for product packaging or branding.

Transparent Stickers: Made from clear materials, transparent stickers are used when you want the design to blend with the surface, making them popular for glass, plastic, or product labeling.

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Foiled Stickers: These stickers have metallic or foil accents, giving them a premium and luxurious appearance. They are used for special occasions, invitations, or upscale product labels.

QR Code Stickers: These stickers contain QR codes that can be scanned with a smartphone to provide quick access to websites, information, or promotions.

Barcode Stickers: Barcode stickers contain barcodes used for inventory management, pricing, and tracking in retail and logistics.

Promotional Stickers: Designed for marketing purposes, these stickers often feature logos, slogans, or promotional messages to boost brand visibility.

Safety Labels: These stickers are used to convey important safety information and warnings on products, machinery, or equipment.

Name Labels: Commonly used for personalization, name labels are often applied to personal items, school supplies, and uniforms.

Embossed Stickers: These stickers have raised or embossed elements, adding texture and a tactile feel to the design. They are often used for premium packaging.

Make Custom Sticker Labels Online in Bangladesh

Sequential Number Stickers: These stickers feature sequential numbering, useful for asset tracking, identification, or limited-edition products.

Glow-in-the-Dark Stickers: These stickers contain materials that glow in the dark after exposure to light. They are used for safety signage and decorative purposes.

Fragile Labels: Often used in shipping and handling, these stickers indicate that the enclosed items are fragile and should be handled with care.

Address Labels: Designed for mail and packages, address labels display sender and recipient information.

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