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We are YOKOHAMA LABELS & PRINTING BANGLADESH, a leading sticker label designer, printing and supplier shop in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Since 2006, we have been working for all kinds of wall stickers, glass stickers, vinyl, frosted, inkjet, and UV printing service providers. If you are looking for a custom sticker printing service, “YOKOHAMA LABELS & PRINTING BANGLADESH” can help. “YOKOHAMA LABELS & PRINTING BANGLADESH” can ensure you have an amazing wall and glass sticker. We take care of the process for you. Whether you want to create a custom logo sticker print or a bigger promotional sticker,. “YOKOHAMA LABELS & PRINTING BANGLADESH” is a trusted sticker label design and printing company in Dhaka, Bangladesh. LED Signboard.

Yokohama Labels & Printing (BD) Co., Ltd.

“YOKOHAMA LABELS & PRINTING BANGLADESH” is the best graphics and printing company, founded in 2006. We have been able to leverage our expertise in printing and know how to offer quality and efficient print projects for all budgets of businesses. Our skilled printing technicians use the latest cutting-edge printing equipment in the industry, guaranteeing top quality and maximum efficiency.

Why choose us?

“YOKOHAMA LABELS & PRINTING BANGLADESH” is doing everything that we can to ensure that quality is present in each and every project. Expertise, leading technology, and the most advanced applications, such as automatic ripping and color management software, allow us to provide the services you need to offer the best printing solutions. We are committed to bringing your vision to reality, regardless of its size, color, and complexity. Creating an amazing project for you is our top priority.

Printing Labels In Bangladesh

Printing is an art form that calls for efficiency, skill, and dexterity. To guarantee efficacy and provide high-quality printing services in Bangladesh, you need the greatest and most highly efficient equipment. You want the greatest quality, and Bangladesh has a lot of printing companies. But the best stuff isn’t always inexpensive. While some printing companies in Bangladesh may charge outrageous prices for high-quality prints, high-quality printing shouldn’t be prohibitively expensive.

Best Label Design And Printing Service Provider Dhaka

The answer to your printing problems is “YOKOHAMA LABELS & PRINTING BANGLADESH. Our area of expertise is extremely effective printing, particularly general and marketing print. Our professionals are proficient, well-trained, diligent, and possess a great deal of experience in a wide range of print-related services, including menu printing, catalogs, glass, vinyl, frosted, inkjet, desk calendars, brochures, postcard printing, mailings, folders, letter heads, wall calendars, wedding stationery, business cards, and so on. In addition to printing, we also offer a number of other associated services, like binding, die-cutting, and lamination.

Custom Design Ribbon & Labels in Bangladesh

Our printing services are provided by highly qualified professionals who know the fundamentals of printing and make use of cutting-edge tools, equipment, and technologies to provide effective and high-quality printed results. For the greatest prints in Bangladesh, we also use some of the best printing equipment available, including Hidelburg machines built in China for single- and bi-color printing.

Our staff is made up of highly skilled technicians and printing specialists with years of expertise in the field. We work for the benefit of our clients and bring decades of skills and creativity into the printing, binding, laminating, and die-cutting sectors. We aim to enable you not only to fulfill your orders but to achieve your printing and design goals to the fullest.

Woven Label Printing Service in Bangladesh

“YOKOHAMA LABELS & PRINTING BANGLADESH” provides quick personalized stickers and labels to enable people and companies to share their story. In the sticker and label business, we’re your pals, so accuracy is very important to us! Since we are manufacturers, we value quality and take great satisfaction in producing stickers and labels of the highest caliber.

Welcome to “YOKOHAMA LABELS & PRINTING BANGLADESH,” your one-stop destination for vibrant and personalized sticker signage solutions. At “WALL STICKER BD,” we specialize in translating your ideas into eye-catching designs and bringing them to life through high-quality printing.

Custom Sticker Printing: Express yourself with personalized stickers for personal or business use. Our state-of-the-art printing technology ensures crisp and vibrant designs that make a lasting impression.

Sticker Printing Service in Dhaka Bangladesh

Signage Design: Make your business stand out with professionally crafted signage. From storefront signs to directional signage, our design team will create visually appealing and effective solutions tailored to your brand.

Labels and Decals: Whether for product labeling or decorative purposes, our labels and decals are crafted with precision. Choose from a variety of materials and finishes to suit your specific needs.

Promotional Products: Elevate your marketing efforts with custom promotional products. From branded merchandise to event giveaways, we offer a range of items that carry your message effectively.


Sticker Design and Printing Shop in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Restaurant and Café Sticker

LED SIGN BD LTD. is the best custom wall sticker, glass sticker design and printing shop in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Mr. Belal Ahmed founded the business in 2006. We can provide you with all kinds of wall and glass stickers at an affordable price in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Restaurant and Café Sticker.

We provide all kinds of wall stickers and glass stickers, such as:

Wall Stickers: Vinyl Wall Decals, 3D Wall Stickers, Quotes and Typography, Floral and Nature Designs, Kids’ Room Stickers, Chalkboard Wall Decals.
Glass Stickers: Frosted Glass Stickers, Stained Glass Decals, Mirror Decals, Patterned Window Film, Safety and Security Film, UV Protection Films.

Where can I use Sticker? Restaurant Wall Sticker

Walls, Windows, Furniture, Laptops and Electronics, Cars and Bikes, Notebooks and Stationery, Water Bottles and Flasks, Guitar and Musical Instruments, Skateboards and Sports Equipment, Doors, Mail and Packages, Switch Plates and Outlets, Events and Parties, Store Windows, DIY Crafts.

Top 10 Restaurants in Dhaka, Bangladesh | Café shop wall sticker

Pohela Boishakh Restaurant (Dhaka)
Spice and Rice (Dhaka)
The Westin Dhaka: Seasonal Tastes (Dhaka)
Mermaid Café (Cox’s Bazar)
Khazana (Dhaka)
Bunka Japanese Restaurant (Dhaka)
Arirang Korean Restaurant (Dhaka)
21 Grams (Dhaka)
Pan Tao (Dhaka)
Nandos (Dhaka)

The top 10 coffee shop names in Bangladesh

Gloria Jean’s Coffees
The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf
Starbucks (if available)
North End Coffee Roasters
Tom N Tom’s Coffee
Urban Coffee
Bistro E
Second Cup Coffee
Tabaq Coffee
Dose Coffee Lounge

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Where do we provide sticker printing and supply services?

Dhaka: Demra, Dhaka Cantt., Dhamrai, Dhanmondi, Gulshan, Jatrabari, Joypara, Keraniganj, Khilgaon, Khilkhet, Lalbag, Mirpur, Mohammadpur, Motijheel, Nawabganj, New market, Palton, Ramna, Sabujbag, Savar, Sutrapur, Tejgaon, Tejgaon Industrial Area, Uttara

Faridpur: Alfadanga, Bhanga, Boalmari, Charbhadrasan, Faridpur Sadar, Madukhali, Nagarkanda, Sadarpur, Shriangan.

Gazipur: Gazipur Sadar, Kaliakaar, Kaliganj, Kapashia, Monnunagar, Sreepur, Sripur.

Gopalganj: Gopalganj Sadar, Kashiani, Kotalipara, Maksudpur, and Tungipara.

Jamalpur: Dewangonj, Islampur, Jamalpur, Malandah, Mathargonj and Shorishabari.

Kishoreganj: Bajitpur, Bhairob, Hossenpur, Itna, Karimganj, Katiadi, Kishoreganj Sadar, Kuliarchar, Mithamoin, Nikli, Ostagram, Pakundia, and Tarial.

Madaripur: Barhamganj, Kalkini, Madaripur Sadar, Rajoir.

Frosted Glass Sticker Price in Bangladesh | Sticker Design and Printing BD

Manikganj: Doulatpur, Gheor, Lechhraganj, Manikganj Sadar, Saturia, Shibloya, and Singari.

Munshiganj: Gajaria, Lohajong, Munshiganj Sadar, Sirajdikhan, Srinagar, and Tangibari.

Mymensingh: Bhaluka, Fulbaria, Gaforgaon, Gouripur, Haluaghat, Isshwargonj, Muktagachha, Mymensingh Sadar, Nandail, Phulpur, and Trishal.

Narayanganj: Araihazar, Baidder Bazar, Bandar, Fatullah, Narayanganj Sadar, Rupganj, and Siddirganj.

Narshingdi: Belabo, Monohordi, Narshingdi Sadar, Palash, Raypura and Shibpur.

Netrakona: Susung Durgapur, Atpara, Barhatta, Dharmapasha, Dhobaura, Kalmakanda, Kendua, Khaliajuri, Madan, Moddhynagar, Mohanganj, Netrakona Sadar, Purbadhola. Restaurant and Café Sticker.

Rajbari: Baliakandi, Pangsha, Rajbari Sadar.

Shariatpur: Bhedorganj, Damudhya, Gosairhat, Jajira, Naria, Shariatpur Sadar.

Sherpur: Bakshigonj, Jhinaigati, Nakla, Nalitabari, Sherpur Shadar, Shribardi.

Tangail: Basail, Bhuapur, Delduar, Ghatail, Gopalpur, Kalihati, Kashkaolia, Madhupur, Mirzapur, Nagarpur, Sakhipur, and Tangail Sadar.

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