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LED SIGN BD LTD is the leading LED store Signboard Design and printing company based in Bangladesh. We have been working in the signage field since 2006. The company (LED SIGN BD LTD) was established by Mr. Belal Ahmed. We are providing all kinds of signage solutions, like: signboard, billboard, neon sign, store sign, shop sign, sticker design and printing, led moving display billboard, super shop signboard, pharmacy signboard, hospital signboard, corporate office name plate, government office name plate, real-estate and hoarding project billboard. LED SIGN BD LTD is the best advertising agency for manual ads and product promotion based in Bangladesh. Store Signboard Design Shop in Bangladesh.

Store Signage

Outdoor Signage:
Building Signage: Mounted on the exterior of the building, displaying the store’s name or logo prominently.
Sidewalk signs are placed on sidewalks or outside the store to attract foot traffic with promotions or special offers.
Window Graphics: Vinyl graphics or decals applied to windows to display promotions, hours of operation, or product features.
Indoor Signage:
Aisle signs Placed above aisles in larger stores to help customers navigate and find specific products.
Department Signs: Signage indicating different sections or departments within the store.
Point-of-Sale (POS) Signs: Promotional signs are placed near the checkout area to encourage impulse purchases.
Directional Signs: Guide customers to important areas such as restrooms, fitting rooms, or customer service desks.
Promotional Signage:
Banners: large fabric or vinyl banners displaying promotions, sales, or new arrivals.
Posters: printed posters placed throughout the store to promote specific products or campaigns.
Standees: freestanding displays featuring product images or brand messaging.
Digital Signage:
Digital Displays: screens or monitors showing dynamic content such as videos, product demos, or interactive promotions.
Electronic Message Boards: LED or LCD displays used for real-time updates on promotions, events, or store information.
Wayfinding Signage:
Floor Graphics: Decals or signage placed on the floor to guide customers through the store or highlight specific areas.
Ceiling signs: hanging signs or banners used to draw attention to specific products or promotions.
Safety Signage:
Emergency Exit Signs: Clearly marked signs indicating emergency exits and evacuation routes.
Safety Instructions: Signs providing safety guidelines such as wearing masks, maintaining social distance, or using hand sanitizer.
Interactive Signage:
Touchscreen kiosks: interactive displays allowing customers to browse products, check availability, or access additional information.
QR Code Signs: Signs with QR codes that customers can scan to access promotions, discounts, or product details on their smartphones.


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