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Indoor LED Display Screen Signboard Jamuna Future Park Bangladesh

LED SIGN BD LTD is the leading indoor LED display screen signboard and billboard maker and supplier agency in Dhaka, Bangladesh. LED SIGN BD LTD is the best importer and supplier company for LED Display Panel P1, P2, P3, P4, P5, P6, P7, P8, P9, and P10. We have made and installed an indoor LED Display Screen Signboard Jamuna Future Park, calling for LED, neon, billboard and name plates. If you are looking for the best digital LED display billboard for indoor and outdoor advertising, you can call 01984888877.

We are the leading one-stop center
for LED screen solutions in Bangladesh.

LED displays in boardrooms and office spaces provide bright and clear visuals, even in well-lit environments, unlike projectors that need a darker setting to be effective.

Our video wall LED displays are designed to be future-proof and scalable, ensuring a seamless viewing experience with optional interactive features and high-definition content. Our expertise in narrow bezels allows for a smooth installation process in any indoor environment, amplifying your message in any size or shape.

Indoor LED Display

Surface-mounted devices (SMD) and chips on board (COB) are commonly utilized for indoor applications. They are ideal for illuminating indoor spaces and infusing them with a vibrant and contemporary atmosphere. These lighting solutions can be seamlessly integrated into various settings, including shopping malls, airports, exhibition centers, concert venues, offices, meeting rooms, and for indoor advertising purposes.

LED Sign BD Ltd. is the top provider of premium LED display solutions in Bangladesh, leading the way in outdoor LED display & digital billboard solutions. Our commitment to excellence is evident in our ability to offer superior LED display and digital billboard products for various applications. Indoor LED Display Screen Signboard Jamuna Future Park.

We are dedicated to creating durable and impressive displays that stand out in the market. Our team works closely with clients to deliver only the most optimal and effective solutions.

Models & Specifications:

P1.25 Fine Pixel Pitch Indoor Series

Pixel Configuration: RGB 3-in-1 SMD
Pixel Pitch (mm): 1.25
LED Encapsulation: SMD1010
Scanning Mode: 1/32
Brightness: > 500 nits
Refresh Rate: > 3,840 Hz
Module Resolution (W x H): 256 x 128
Module Size (W x H): 320 mm x 160 mm
Pixel Density: 640,000
Module Weight: 0.47 kg
Max Power Consumption (Watts per sqm): 580 W
Viewing Angle (H x V): 140 x 130
Color Capacity: 16 bit, 281 trillion colors

Video Wall: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a video wall?
A video wall consists of numerous smaller displays or panels arranged in a grid to form a large display. By tiling the panels together, a seamless, high-resolution image larger than any single display can be created.

What are the benefits of video walls?

Video walls present numerous advantages compared to traditional displays. They boast a larger display area, making them perfect for large venues or public spaces. Additionally, video walls offer high resolution by combining multiple displays, allowing for a superior overall resolution. Moreover, these walls can be customized to suit specific requirements such as size, resolution, and shape. They are also highly flexible, catering to a variety of applications like advertising, information displays, and entertainment. Lastly, video walls are built to be durable and long-lasting, making them a reliable choice for public spaces or areas with high foot traffic.

What are video walls used for?

Video walls have a multitude of applications, encompassing:

  1. Advertising and marketing purposes
  2. Displaying information in public spaces or airports
  3. Providing entertainment in sports arenas or concert venues
  4. Serving as control rooms for security or surveillance
  5. Facilitating education and training in classrooms or auditoriums.

How much does a video wall cost?

The price of a video wall can differ significantly based on various factors, including its size, resolution, and display type. Typically, LCD video walls are more budget-friendly, whereas LED video walls tend to be more costly. The cost of a video wall can range from a few thousand dollars to hundreds of thousands of dollars, depending on the specific requirements and specifications of the project.

What’s the difference between video walls and TVs?

Video walls differ from TVs primarily in terms of the size and quantity of displays utilized to form the image. The video walls consist of numerous smaller displays or panels organized in a grid, whereas TVs are single displays. Video walls can present a significantly larger display area compared to any TV, resulting in a superior overall resolution achieved through the combination of multiple displays. Moreover, video walls are generally more robust and have a longer lifespan than consumer-grade TVs.

What screens/displays does a video wall use?

Video walls have the ability to utilize a range of display options, such as LCD, LED, rear projection, and cube displays. The selection of the display type is determined by factors such as the size and resolution of the video wall, along with the unique demands of the application at hand.

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