LED SIGN BD LTD specializes in the design, manufacturing, and installation of various types of signboards and billboards for both indoor and outdoor signs. We serve a range of purposes, including advertising, wayfinding, branding, and informational messaging. Our company was established in 2006 by Mr. Belal Ahmed. BEST SIGNBOARD COMPANY IN FENI.

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Outdoor Signs, Acrylic 3D Letter, Stainless Steel Letter, SS Top Letter, Neon Letter Sign, Restaurant Sign, Hospital Signs, Store Signs, Sticker Signs, Car Branding, Fair stall, ACP Board, Metal Signs, Digital LED Moving Display, Electric Billboard, Digital Billboard, Digital Kiosk Billboard, Shopping Mall Billboard, Channel Letters, Monument Signs, Pylon Signs, Billboards, Indoor Signs, Directional Signs, Wayfinding Signs, Digital Signs, LED Displays, Digital Billboards, Vehicle Graphics, Vehicle Wraps, Magnetic Signs, Real Estate Signs, Yard Signs, Retail Signs, Point of Purchase (POP) Signs, Window Graphics, Safety Signs, Hazard Signs, Safety Labels, Trade Show Displays, Banners and Backdrops, Custom Signs, Architectural Signs, Custom Plaques.

Where do we design and make signboards and billboards in Feni, Bangladesh?

Sarishadi, Panchgachia, Dhormapur, Kazirbag, Kalidah, Baligaon, Dhalia, Lemua, Chanua, Motobi, Fazilpur, Forhadnogor, Charmozlishpur, Bogadana, Mongolkandi, Motigonj, Chardorbesh, Chorchandia, Sonagazi, Amirabad, Nababpur, Sindurpur, Rajapur, Purbachandrapur, Ramnagar, Yeakubpur, Dagonbhuiyan, Matubhuiyan, Jayloskor, Mohamaya, Pathannagar, Radhanagar, Shuvapur, Ghopal, Mizanagar, Citholia, Boxmahmmud, Fulgazi, Munshirhat, Dorbarpur, Anandopur, Amzadhat, G.M

Bangladesh’s Top 3D Acrylic Letter LED Signage Manufacturer

A contemporary, elegant, and eye-catching signage option for storefront name boards, buildings, industries, and commercial places is the 3D acrylic letter led sign. 3D acrylic letter-led signs are becoming more and more popular in Bangladesh among merchants and businesspeople as a powerful form of advertising and promotion. Their ability to stand out from the crowd is very helpful. The primary benefit of full acrylic letter LED signage is its excellent nighttime visibility since it emits light from three angles, making it easy for people to see and recognize from a distance.

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Flexibility is yet another significant benefit of the full acrylic letter LED sign. With just some cutting, heating, and banding of the acrylic sheet, any design may be created. Thus, a 3D acrylic letter LED sign has a great degree of customization. It is incredibly resilient and long-lasting in both indoor and outdoor settings. Because LED chips are used to emit light, this type of advertising is also incredibly economical, environmentally friendly, and energy efficient. Service Network.

What is LED signage made of 3D acrylic letters?

Premium acrylic material and energy-efficient LED chips are used to create 3D acrylic letter LED signs. It is made of extremely sturdy yet lightweight plastic. In a typical setting, it is resistant to chipping, cracking, and folding; nevertheless, heating it makes it simple to band and fold, which contributes to the desired design of the sign. The signpost has a striking and eye-catching appearance because of its 3D design. Additionally, the LEDs add a new level of visual appeal when they light up. BEST SIGNBOARD COMPANY IN FENI.

3D Acrylic Letter LED Signs

What Advantages Do 3D Acrylic Letter LED Signs Offer?
The advantages of 3D acrylic-letter LED signage are numerous. A few are listed below. BEST SIGNBOARD COMPANY IN FENI.
Sturdy and long-lasting: One type of plastic is employed as the main component of full acrylic or 3D acrylic letter signage. It therefore resists weather change quite well. Bangladesh, in particular, experiences monsoon weather. We experience rain here every six months. Since it’s plastic, rain won’t affect your LED sign if you use high-quality wiring and rain-resistant LED chips. It is hoped that an LED sign made with premium materials and skillful craftsmanship will prove to be an enduring investment.

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Energy-conserving: neon signs use more energy than 3D acrylic letter signage. Thus, we can see that it reduces the environment’s carbon footprint in this timeframe.

Simple installation: Installing and maintaining a 3D acrylic letter LED sign is a simple task. In the event that a problem arises, troubleshooting is less expensive and time-consuming.

Is it possible to customize 3D acrylic-letter LED signage?
The extremely adjustable 3D acrylic letter LED sign may be tailored to match any design or style.

What supplies are needed to create the 3D acrylic letter LED signage?
The main components of the 3D Acrylic Letter LED Signage include acrylic sheets, PVC boards, cable, glue, LED lights or LED chips, etc.

How does one go about installing 3D acrylic-letter LED signage?
The 3D acrylic letter LED sign is easy to use and quick to complete. Particularly if you engage us, we will handle every task—from installation to commissioning—on your behalf.

What is the lifespan of 3D acrylic-letter LED signage?

LED sign legibility varies according to application. If it’s not shattered, acrylic lasts forever. However, UV radiation can cause acrylic to change color. An LED chip’s lifespan is approximately 50,000 hours of illumination.

Is it possible to use 3D acrylic-letter LED signage both indoors and outdoors?
It is possible to use 3D acrylic-letter LED signage in both indoor and outdoor settings.
How long does it take to create an LED 3D acrylic letter sign?
It is contingent upon the signage’s dimensions and layout. It will take longer to complete if the design is intricate or the size is large.

What distinguishes 3D acrylic signs that are backlit (with light) from those that are not (without light)?
Acrylic signs that are backlit are illuminated by a light source behind them, allowing them to be seen in dimly lit areas. Non-backlit acrylic signage depends on natural light to be visible because it lacks a light source.

What distinguishes led 3D (three-dimensional) acrylic signage from led solid acrylic signs?

  1. 3D acrylic signs are empty inside with an acrylic face and frame. 1. LED solid acrylic signs are incredibly thin, with names written in tiny LED letters.
  2. A 3D acrylic letter is front and sidelighted, while a solid acrylic letter is lit from the front and back. BEST SIGNBOARD COMPANY IN FENI.
    3. A solid acrylic sign can have two distinct colors on the face and rear. Typically, 3D acrylic signs are made in the same hue.

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