Outdoor Advertising with LED SIGN BD LTD

Outdoor Advertising with LED SIGN BD LTD

In the vibrant landscape of Mirpur, Dhaka, Bangladesh, LED SIGN BD LTD has been a trailblazer since its establishment in 2006. With an impressive portfolio of over 4000 projects, this company, founded by the visionary Belal Ahmed, stands as the epitome of excellence in the digital billboard industry. Outdoor Advertising with LED SIGN BD LTD. Illuminating Success: LED SIGN BD LTD – Your Premier Digital Billboard Importer and Manufacturer in Bangladesh.

Outdoor Advertising with LED SIGN BD LTD
Outdoor Advertising with LED SIGN BD LTD

Unveiling the Powerhouse: LED SIGN BD LTD

Are you on the quest for the best billboard advertising company in Bangladesh? Look no further! LED SIGN BD LTD reigns supreme as the leading billboard ads agency in Dhaka, offering unparalleled services that have set it apart in the industry.

Decoding Billboard Costs in Bangladesh

If you’re contemplating billboard advertising in Bangladesh, understanding the cost dynamics is crucial. On average, billboard costs in Bangladesh start at ৳60,000 for a four-week campaign. However, the actual expense varies based on factors such as ad format, circulation, demographics, and impressions.

Tailoring Campaigns to Your Budget

  • Rural Campaigns: Budget between ৳50,000 to ৳30,000 monthly.
  • Small to Midsize Dhaka Cities: Allocate ৳2,50,000 to ৳4,00,000 per month.
  • Larger Markets: Prepare for budgets starting from ৳14,00,000 and beyond.

Embracing Digital Brilliance

Digital billboards usher in a new era, with costs ranging from ৳120 per seven-second spot to a substantial ৳15,00,000. For those with grand visions but modest ad budgets, LED SIGN BD LTD introduces self-serve digital billboard ads in Dhaka, Bangladesh, starting as low as ৳120 a day. Your message will captivate viewers for 8 to 10 seconds based on your budget. Outdoor Advertising with LED SIGN BD LTD.

Geographic Influences on Pricing

Understanding the geographic market nuances, whether physical or digital, plays a pivotal role in determining billboard costs.

  • Physical Billboards: Monthly costs span from ৳75,000 to ৳1,14,000, depending on the market.
  • Digital Billboards: Daily rates start from ৳120, with dedicated options ranging from ৳14,000 to ৳1,50,000 per month.

Navigating Average Billboard Costs in Bangladesh

For advertisers eyeing the Dhaka market and larger territories, the average billboard costs become key considerations.

Monthly Rental Costs

Physical Billboard Cost per Month
  1. ৳950 to ৳2,000
  2. ৳900 to ৳2,000
  3. ৳1,450 to ৳4,000
  4. ৳1,000 to ৳2,000
  5. ৳1,450 to ৳7,000
  6. ৳2,500 to ৳15,000
Digital Billboard Cost per Month
  1. ৳1,450 to ৳3,000
  2. ৳1,200 to ৳3,000
  3. ৳2,450 to ৳5,000
  4. ৳1,450 to ৳3,000
  5. ৳2,450 to ৳5,000
  6. ৳3,950 to ৳8,000

Unmasking Additional Billboard Advertising Costs

The journey of billboard advertising involves more than just rental prices. Brace yourself for additional expenses, including hiring a professional graphic or video designer. Costs range from around ৳15,000 with Fiverr freelancers to as much as ৳5000 per hour with a design agency, ensuring your message is crafted with precision.

Comprehensive Breakdown of Additional Costs

  1. Design Costs: Range from ৳750 (one-time fee with “BILLBOARD DESIGN BD”) to ৳5,500 per hour with a professional agency.
  2. Materials Costs: Vinyl, the standard material for physical billboards, incurs costs of ৳120 to 150 per square foot.
  3. Installation Cost: Confirm with your provider, as it may be included in your monthly rental rate.

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