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Decorating your home with wall sticker designs can always add a unique touch to the interior. Wall decals are the most convenient and easy way to decorate any area. Still not convinced? Consider these unique and versatile wall sticker designs for your home before deciding whether your home needs sticker designs. ওয়াল স্টিকার

ওয়াল স্টিকার
ওয়াল স্টিকার

Wall Stickers for Bedrooms

For bedrooms, a 3D wall sticker design is a smart idea to beautify any space’s walls. For example, using a 3D wall sticker design can give a personal touch to your child’s room. You can quickly spruce up your child’s room and make them happy by using cartoon characters or a simple floral wall sticker design. 3D wall sticker designs add a unique touch to your child’s room and also establish important educational values through inspirational slogans or superhero wall sticker designs.

Wall Stickers for Kitchen Walls

Indoor wall sticker designs are the easiest and most convenient ways to decorate or personalize your kitchen. A kitchen wall sticker design can be used in various ways to enhance or personalize tiles. Another fantastic idea for kitchen wall sticker design is to use quotes, as shown in the example above. With the right wall sticker design idea, you can show your enthusiasm for any food, beverage or cooking art. Vinyl stickers in the shape of utensils with a quote can be another fantastic option to decorate your kitchen environment. You can create something unique for your home with these presented wall sticker designs. The stickers are excellent because they are affordable and have a long lifespan, Depending on the materials used and the manufacturer, these wall stickers can easily last for 5–15 years. You can create your own unique wall sticker design for your home. With some creativity and readily available equipment, you can start now.

Floral and Animal Border Wall Sticker Designs

Floral and animal motifs have been widely used for a long time to display novelty. It’s not different in the case of wall stickers. Floral or animal motifs are used in various types of wall sticker designs. Wall stickers inspired by nature and featuring motifs ranging from flowers and lions to trees can be an excellent way to enhance the charm of your area. A natural-themed wall sticker design concept can provide a serene appearance to any space in your home. Floral-patterned wall stickers can give any space in your home a peaceful appearance. Animal-themed wall sticker designs, especially for children’s rooms, are hugely popular among everyone, especially children. A jungle print or a mood-themed phrase along with an animal motif can make your child’s room look great. Border design wall stickers can also be used to display animal illustrations, such as this beautiful floral motif. These stickers are environmentally friendly, and you can create them at home using the wall sticker design ideas provided here.

3D Wall Sticker Design

When it comes to decorating your home with wall stickers, 3D wall sticker design is a recent trend. These designs come in various shapes and sizes, making them self-adhesive stickers made from protective polystyrene foam and printed on vinyl. They are easy to install and have a long shelf life. Choose from a life-sized superhero wall sticker design or a beautiful tree wall sticker design for your child’s room or hall. Just make sure that the materials you use are environmentally friendly and long-lasting. The idea of this beautiful wall sticker design shows how you can highlight your memories with photos and use a wall sticker to enhance them. A sticker design of a tree on the wooden frame of your hall can add character and give it a personal touch. These home wall sticker design ideas are long-lasting and are available on every major e-commerce platform.


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Frosted Vinyl Inkjet Glass Sticker Price in Bangladesh

Frosted Vinyl Inkjet Glass Sticker Price in Bangladesh

LED SIGN BD LTD is the best sticker design and printing service provider in Bangladesh. The company was established in 2006. Mr. Belal Ahmed is the founder of the company. We design and print all kinds of frosted glass stickers, vinyl stickers, inkjet stickers, waterproof glass, and wall stickers. Wall sticker, glass sticker, frosted glass sticker, inkjet sticker design average cost ৳500 BDT and printing per sft ৳60 BDT. Frosted Vinyl Inkjet Glass Sticker Price in Bangladesh.

Our Sticker Printing Materials

Vinyl, Paper, Polypropylene, Clear/Transparent, Craft Paper, Static Cling, Poli, PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride), Synthetic Paper, Fabric, and Laminates.

Glass Sticker Price in Bangladesh Frosted Sticker

Premium Printable Waterproof Vinyl Sticker Paper for Inkjet and Printer 210x280mm 30 Sheets Matte White Decal Paper Price ৳1200 BDT
25 Sheets Printable Vinyl Sticker Paper Self-Adhesive Waterproof Matte White Printing Paper Sheet, for Inkjet Printer Price ৳1400 BDT
50 Sheets A4 Glossy Self-Adhesive Sticker Label Paper for Laser and Inkjet Printer Price: ৳600 BDT
Frosted Glass Sticker and Solid Color Sticker Cutting and Pasting Price: ৳200 BDT

Our Other Products Inkjet Sticker

Panaflex Signboard Manufacturing for All Types of Lighting. Every Type of Acrylic Panel Digital Sign Production in the Later Era (Inkjet, Vinyl, Clear Media, Hanicom) Digital Sticker Printing and Pasting: Pana Rivers, One Side PVC (Black & White) Printing. LED Lighting, Acrylic Letters & Signs, S. S. Top Letters Glass door signs, acrylic nameplates of all kinds, and metal sign creation stickers in solid color using cut and paste vehicle bus and pick-up office and showroom branding are offset printed across the board.

Wall and Glass sticker design and Printing service Dhaka Vinyl Sticker

Our distinctive and reasonably priced office glass cutting, frosted sticker printing, and pasting services will boost your workspace! Office glass cutting, frosted sticker printing and pasting can help you design a sophisticated and elegant workspace. Bangladeshi prices for Office Glass Clear Frosted Sticker Print & Pasting.

Frosted window glass and frosted glass film wallpaper with a frosted glass door and a frosted glass design Glass sticker design for an office near me with frosted pane. Installation of frosted glass stickers and their cost in Bangladesh. Glass frosted paper price in Bangladesh, glass sticker, and office glass frosted paper. Bangladeshi prices for Office Glass Clear Frosted Sticker Print & Pasting.

Sticker Printing and Pasting

Our Assistance: PVC, Shop Sign, Name Plate, Lighting Sign Board, LED Sign, and All Kinds of Digital Print Pana. Frosted Vinyl Inkjet Glass Sticker Price in Bangladesh.

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