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Are you looking for the best signboard printing service in Gulshan, Banani, Dhanmondi, Mirpur, Uttara, Mohakhali, Badda, Palton and all over Dhaka City? Hotline: 01984888877. Signboard printing in Bangladesh by LED SIGN BD LTD.

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Since 2006, LED SIGN BD LTD has been one of the top professional signage firms in Dhaka, Bangladesh, offering our clients premium-quality signs and signboards. We have worked in the sign industry for eighteen years. We have already finished numerous professional, eye-catching, and difficult signage projects thanks to our extensive expertise and deep experience. Our goal is to offer our clients signage goods that are of the highest caliber at competitive prices. The location of our office is in Bangladesh’s Dhaka. For all of your needs related to corporate and building signs, you can rely on LED SIGN BD LTD.


Our commitment to offering a wide range of signage services throughout Bangladesh is driven by passion. We at Print House are aware of how crucial deadlines are to you. For this reason, we take care to take into account your deadlines even before we start working on your project. Please contact us by phone at 01984888877 or via email at info@ledsignbdltd.com with any questions or inquiries.

With our eighteen years of experience in this industry, we are confident.

Acrylic Signboard Design. We are making this type of signboard:

BD LED Signboard: Bata Model Letter Sign
Dhaka LED Signboard: SS Pana-flex Sign
Advertising LED Signboard: Acrylic Letter Outdoor Sign Side-lit and backlit signage
LED Ambush Letter Signs
SS Signage in Hair Lines
Golden Mirror SS Labels
Raised Letter Signage Made of Acrylic
Indoor 3D Letter Acrylic Signage
Ring Sign or Round Sign—Indoors or Outdoors
Neon Sign: Glass or Acrylic
Name Plate: Indoor/Outdoor
Backlit signage indoors
Cutout and Wooden Signage
Indoor Metal Offcut Signage

Cost of a Signboard, Billboard, or Nameplate

The size, quality, and quantity of the signboard will determine how much it costs.
Your reliable company (No Hidden Fee )

Panaflex sign board

Signboards come in a variety of types and serve different functions depending on their location, design, and content. Here are a few typical signboard types:
Informational Signboards:
Directional signs provide guidance and directions and are often used in public spaces, buildings, or on roads.
Maps and Floor Plans: Display maps and layouts to help people navigate through specific areas.

Identification Signboards:

Nameplates: display the names of buildings, offices, or individuals.
Room Numbers: Indicate the number of rooms in a building or facility.
Safety Signboards:
Warning Signs: Alert people to potential hazards or dangers.
Emergency Exit Signs: Indicate the location of emergency exits.
Caution Signs: Advise caution in specific areas.
Regulatory Signboards:
Traffic signs: control and guide traffic on roads.
Compliance Signs: Convey regulatory information and compliance requirements.
Commercial Signboards:
Advertising Signs: Promote products, services, or events.
Neon Signs: Use neon lighting for eye-catching displays.
Wayfinding Signboards:
Informational Signs: Provide information about nearby landmarks or attractions.
Pedestrian Signs: Guide pedestrians through urban areas.
Event Signboards:
Banners: Display information about events, conferences, or festivals.
Posters: Promote specific activities or attractions.

Digital Signboards:

LED Displays: Use LED technology to showcase dynamic content.
Electronic Message Boards: Display changing messages or information.
Interactive Signboards:
Touchscreen Kiosks: Allow users to interact with information, maps, or directories.
Augmented Reality (AR) Signage: Combine digital content with the real environment.
Retail Signboards:
Storefront Signs: Identify and attract customers to retail establishments.
Price Signs: Display pricing information in stores.
These are just a few examples, and signboards can be customized to fit specific needs and contexts. The choice of signboard depends on the intended message, location, and audience it aims to reach.

How does a signboard benefit your business?

Brand visibility: By putting a company’s name, logo, and other branding components in plain sight, signboards aid in raising a company’s visibility. This can improve brand recognition and make it more likely that customers will recall the company.
Customer attraction: By displaying details about a company’s offerings, operating hours, and promotions, a well-designed signboard can aid in drawing in customers. This might be especially crucial for companies that have a lot of competitors or are situated in popular regions.
Cost-effective advertising: When compared to other media, including radio or television commercials, signboard advertising is more affordable. After installation, a signboard can promote the company for many years to come.

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Enhancing brand perception: A well-designed signboard can support and strengthen a company’s brand image. Customers can feel more comfortable and trusted with a signboard that adheres to the business’s branding approach.
Guidance support: Signs can make it easier for customers to locate a business. A signboard erected on a busy street, for instance, can assist clients in finding a business and locating its entrance.

Signboard Company in Banani

To sum up, signboards are a valuable marketing tool for companies because they help to draw in customers, enhance brand recognition, draw in new business, and offer guidance. LED SIGN BD LTD offers the highest-caliber signage and signboards for your company. Signboard printing in Bangladesh by LED SIGN BD LTD.

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